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VGF Volunteer Connector Organizations​

Serve Kentucky has established two new volunteer connector organizations in Kentucky. Funding was made available through Serve Kentucky’s Volunteer Generation Fund (VGF) grant, which is a federal program to assist local communities to mobilize volunteers to tackle local community challenges and improve the lives of all in their communities.

AmeriCorps research shows that volunteers engage with their communities at higher rates than non-volunteers. They more frequently talk to neighbors, participate in civic organizations, attend public meetings, discuss local issues with family and friends, do favors for neighbors, and vote in local elections. Volunteers donate to charity at twice the rate as non-volunteers.

Volunteer Connectors are host organizations that bring volunteers, nonprofits, and other civic organizations needing volunteers together in meaningful service. The two new volunteer connectors are the United Way of South Central Kentucky and the Chestnut Street YMCA, a branch of the YMCA of Greater Louisville. 

For additional information, contact John Gillig​.

​Service Enterprise Initiative

Serve Kentucky ​partnered with Points of Light, the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service, to offer nonprofit organizations across Kentucky access to the Service Enterprise Initiative. The Service Enterprise Initiative is a national change management program that helps organizations gain a greater return on volunteer investment to better achieve their mission. Serve Kentucky is the only certified Service Enterprise Hub in the state. 

Achieving Service Enterprise certification is a very prestigious accomplishment for an organization. In fact, organizations that certify join the top 11 percent of nonprofits nationwide in volunteer management and organizational performance. Certification signifies that organizations have the capability and management expertise to strategically use volunteers to improve the performance of their organization. By becoming a Service Enterprise, you will be uniquely positioned to engage the time and talent of volunteers to expand program operations and revenue, realize higher programmatic impact, and better achieve your mission.

In fact, research conducted by the TCC Group found that Service Enterprises are equally as effective as their peers without volunteers, at half the median budget. Service Enterprises experience a proven return on volunteer investment, and research shows that they are significantly more adaptable, sustainable, and better resourced to do their work.

​Email Serve Kentucky for more information about how your organization can become a Service Enterprise.