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​​​Tornado Response

​For information about volunteering related to the December 11-12 tornados, please go to our Tornado Response webpage

Kentucky State Service Plan

Thank you to the nearly 1,300 Kentuckians that took our citizen survey and shared their ideas on how to deploy service and volunteerism as a strategy to solve local problems. Learn more on the Statewide Survey Results webpage​. 

Volunteer Kentucky Online Portal

The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) announced in August 2020 that Serve Kentucky is offering free access for volunteer-based organizations to Volunteer Kentucky, the state's new online volunteer portal designed to connect volunteers to community needs.

The Volunteer Kentucky portal helps volunteer programs recruit new and manage current volunteers, manage events, track involvement and produce reports – a necessity for grants and funding. This site is available to nonprofits, government agencies, schools, faith-based organizations, and others.

Volunteer Kentucky is available, not only for agencies to share their needs but also for residents to find volunteer opportunities.

Read the full press release and check out the video announcement by Governor Beshear.

​​Research About Volunteering

The Volunteering in America research is produced by AmeriCorps as part of its efforts to expand the reach and impact of America's volunteers. Collected for the past 15 years, the research is the most comprehensive data on American volunteering ever assembled, and it includes a volunteer data profile for all states and major metropolitan areas.

Key Findings:

  • Parents volunteer at rates nearly 48 percent higher than non-parents and working mothers give more time than any other demographic, with a volunteer rate of 46.7 percent.
  • Generation X has the highest rate (36.4 percent) of volunteering, while Baby Boomers are giving more hours of service (2.2 billion). Millennials are stepping up to do more in Utah and the District of Columbia.
  • Veterans are among the most neighborly Americans. They do something positive for the neighborhood, spend time with and do favors for their neighbors, and donate to charity at higher rates than their civilian counterparts. Veterans in New Hampshire and Virginia are volunteering more than in other states.
  • Americans most frequently gave their time to religious groups (32 percent), a quarter volunteered most often with sports or arts groups (25.7 percent); with another nearly 20 percent supporting support education or youth service groups.
  • One in three volunteers raises funds for nonprofits (36 percent). Additional volunteer activities include food donation and meal preparation (34.2 percent); transportation and labor support (23 percent); tutoring young people (23 percent); serving as a mentor (26.2 percent); and lending professional and management expertise (20.5 percent).
Kentucky Highlights:
  • 978,627 volunteers contribute 96.6 million hours of service
  • 28.1% of residents volunteer, ranking them 39th among states
  • Volunteer service worth an estimated $2.3 billion
  • 97.6% of residents regularly talk or spend time with friends and family
  • 51.2% of residents do favors for neighbors
  • 15.9% of residents do something positive for the neighborhood
  • 25.8% of residents participate in local groups or organizations
  • 50.9% of residents donate $25 or more to charity

Interested in Volunteering?

Search for volunteer opportunities here, contact your area volunteer center or local United Way. Nationally, the estimated value of a volunteer’s time is $28.54 per hour, according to the Independent Sector, an advocacy group ​​​​​for volunteers and community service groups. The estimated value of a volunteer’s time in Kentucky is $23.01 per hour. Learn more about the value of volunteer time.

Interested in becoming a National Service member?

Feed your volunteer spirit by serving others full-time or part-time as an AmeriCorps or AmeriCorps Seniors member. Learn more about National Service in Kentucky.

Volunteer Insurance Policies from CIMA

Click on the links below to complete the online application for the type of insurance policy needed.

For more information, call CIMA at (800) 222-8920.